My Sustainability Interviews: Frank Green SmartCup & SmartBottle

While shopping, I am always keeping my eyes wide open for new environmental friendly products. 

One day, I walked into Spoilt at Subi in Subiaco and I noticed a very cool reusable SmartCup. At first sight, it didn’t even look like a cup. I asked more information about and the shop owner told me that she discovered Frank Green SmartCup in Melbourne and she absolutely loves them thanks to their cool design and to the fact that they don’t leek or give coffee a plastic taste. 

Imagine what happened next? 😉 I got in touch with Frank Green and I had the opportunity to interview Ben Young, the company founder.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post!

It is part of my voluntary research of sustainable initiatives in Australia, with the aim to raise awareness in the community and to promote businesses that care about the environment. 


Ben is an outdoor person and his passion for sustainability started many years ago. He was really disappointed to see a lot of plastic bottles and coffee cups thrown in the bin or even worse polluting the ocean. He also noticed that 90% of any office bin after 3 pm is full of disposable containers and coffee cups…

Therefore, when he started his corporate career, he wanted to do something different in order to help the environment. After a bit of research, he realized that people generally don’t like reusable products mainly due to lack of functionality. Additionally, many plastic coffee cups give an unwanted different taste to your coffee

And here comes Frank Green: their products are all about designfunctionality and technology!

– Design: their reusable cups are cool with all the “shapes” at the right place

– Functionality: they use the best material so the coffee taste good and the cup doesn’t leek.

– Technology: every cup has an integrated “Wave & Go” pay system that allows you to directly pay for your coffee with your cup (only at affiliated cafes). 

SmartBottle is another award-winning design product by Frank Green that will keep you hydrated and feeling good all day. Indeed, every customer will receive a personal code to free download the exclusive “Hydrate” app that will easily remind you how much water you need to drink, how much money you are saving from buying plastic bottles and how you are making the difference helping the environment.  

They are 100% useful product and 100% Australia made.

Frank Green products are becoming very popular, especially in the 18-35 age group. People at the beginning like them mainly for their design rather than the environmental outcomes, but it is a first step for changing people behaviours. 

The company is committed to raise community awareness using online platforms and social media like Instagram, explaining what that means to the environment. Word of mouth between customers plays a very important role as well.
Frank Green is available online and in some stores in WA. Soon there will be a store locator on their website as well as a list of affiliated cafes that offer the CafePay system. 

Thanks to Ben for his availability to meeting me and sharing his experience with Think About Sustainability. 

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