Getting more involved

At the moment, a lot is going on in Perth and I am really happy about it! Indeed, I am getting more and more involved in events and workshops that I really like. 

As a result, my note book is full of interesting notes that I will use as a resource for my next new posts 😉

Less is More Festival was the first 2017 event where I was involved as a volunteer. Particularly, as a room hoster, I had the opportunity to listen to interesting speakers like Rebecca from Walga.


Among all the useful information she shared, I got really shocked to learn that in WA, 50% of waste comes from building demolitions!!! Indeed, in the past 5 months, I already noticed that 3 houses have been demolished along my street. Isn’t it really impressive? 

The impressive demolition at the St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco

I’m also undertaking the Earth Carers Group Course which is all about waste. Our trainers Amy and Nabilla are really passionate about the environment and great at teaching us how we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and, once we have it, which is the best way to dispose it. 

This guy is made of 100% reused materials!

Last Saturday, we went on a trip to the Tamala Park Landfill, to see with our eyes where our rubbish goes. It is really impressive to learn that we are literally creating mountains of waste, that will remain in the ground for a very long time, together with possible environmental risks

Did you know that the Claremont Golf Course sits on a closed landfill? It doesn’t sound really cool!!! 

The Tamala Park Landfill. In the background you can see a “mountain” made of our waste

Another information that really shocked me is that the Verge Collection goes entirely to landfill. Even the e-waste like televisions and computers or furniture that could be reused…it all goes to landfill!!! I truly believe that if people knew about it, they would consider taking their e-waste to a collection point for free, instead of just dropping it on the verge. 

Lastly, this weekend I will be involved, as the “Sustainability Problem Owner”, in the organisation of the GivinBackathon event: a great opportunity to join like-minded people, make new connections and share your skills to come up with exciting solutions that could just turn into a social enterprise.

I hope I will survive the GivinBackathon and I look forward to telling you more about it 😉 


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