My Sustainability Interviews – Chiara Jewellery

Creating jewellery is her passion. Each piece is hand made with love in Melbourne, with a special touch thanks to her Italian background.

She really loves the environment, so when a friend suggested her the idea to upcycle coffee pods, she gave it a go and she actually found it very interesting.


Her creations are really amazing and unique. People love it and her business is growing fast. Indeed, she made jewellery out of other recycled materials, such as rings made of bicycle inner tubes decorated with vintage buttons, but now she would like the coffee pods to become her “trademark”.

coffe pod tassel and stud earrings

What I really found interesting is that she is a moka lover like me, so she doesn’t have any coffee pod machine. Her friends know about her passion and provide her with their used coffee pods to be upcycled into jewellery ;). Even the shops that display her products, collect coffee pods from their customers, who are happy to help the environment. I would say it is a very good way to raise awareness.


Moreover, she tries to keep her business environmental friendly as well, by recycling plastic food container as storage for her creative materials, using only paper packaging and, of course, bringing her own bags to the shops! I was also pleased to learn that some Community Markets in Melbourne are plastic free, so businesses can’t use any plastic bags at their stalls.

I really like the idea to upcycle waste into jewellery, especially the Nespresso pods that nowadays are very popular everywhere!


Here you can find her creations:
Instagram @chiarajewellery.

Thanks a lot to Chiara for her availability to meeting me and sharing her experience with Think About Sustainability.


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