My Sustainability Interviews: Roger Joyner and the Australian Passive House Association

At the end of 2016, I started to catch up with people passionate and involved in sustainability to know more about local community awareness. I clearly remember that after having an interesting chat with Roger Joyner, WA State Representative of the Australian Passive House Association, I suddenly realised: “I really like meeting like minded people and interviewing them. What about creating a “box” where to collect all those interesting information?” That’s how I decided to start my Think About Sustainability blog 😉 

Going back to my interview with Roger, I was really surprised to discover that there is a Passive House Association in Australia, with a local representantive in Perth. Passive House is a method, originally from Germany (PassivHaus), of creating buildings with high levels of comfort and indoor air quality, but with very low energy use. Being already familiar with this rigorous system, I was very curious to know how it was performing in WA, so I got in contact with Roger and we agreed to catch up for a coffee in Cottesloe, close to one of his latest project. 

As energy prices continue to rise, energy saving design is becoming a priority

Image source:

Roger was very happy to share his story and started to tell me a bit about his professional background in the UK and how he started to work as building designer in Western Australia. We share the same passion for sustainability and solar passive design, so it was very interesting and comforting to listen about his issues on site and how hard has been sometimes to implement energy saving design solutions.

Then, in 2012, he decided to undertake another sustainability challenge and he went to New Zealand (the only place where a course was available at that time) to become a Certified Passive House Consultant, as an evolution from Solar Passive Design. He is really committed to this new challenge and he is working hard to raise awareness in Perth about low energy building construction. 

Passive House scheme

Image source: Passive House Perth

Indeed, I was invited to attend the first APHA masterclass about the Heat Recovery Ventilation System, the required mechanical component for buildings that aim to meet the Passivhaus standard.The class was very interesting: it included a brief presentation of the Passivhaus concept, a case study on the ventilation system in the Cottesloe project and the opportunity to have a chat with the other attendees after the class. It was really good to see that many people with different backgrounds attended the event, including builders and home owners, demonstrating that as energy prices continue to rise, sustainability is becoming a priority. 

I’m looking forward to the next APHA master class and to meet more like minded people 😉 

Thanks to Roger for his availability to meeting me and sharing his experience with Think About Sustainability. You can find more information about his projects at Passive House Perth

Useful links:

-Passive House Australia – links and references 

Passive House Institute


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