Shopping habits are changing in Perth

It’s great to see that shopping habits are changing in Perth! 

In the past couple of years, more people started to bring their own reusable bags to the supermarket and grocery shops. It is a very important change in people way of thinking, because it is “easier” to go to the shops, buy what you need, and wait for the shop assistant to pack your goods in a plastic bag. You don’t have to remember to bring anything with you! 

My shopping bags: pink is a very strong reusable one made by recycled plastic, blue is a soft cooling bag and white is a compostable bag, great when I forget mine or if I buy too much 😉

Additionally, new corner shops that sell unpackaged food are opening around Perth. I love those kind of shops: just bring your jars and bottles and you can refill them with anything you like, in the quantity you need. Anything such as different kind of flours, nuts and seeds or tasty organic EVOO. 

Some places also sell cleaning products for your laundry or dishwasher. Once again, you can refill your empty containers with products that contain less chemicals. You can buy waste free products, pollute less, and improve your indoor air quality. I used to do it when I was living in Italy and I am really happy that now I can do it  here ;). 

On the other hand, “traditional” supermarkets and shops are starting to follow the new trend. It is good to see that biodegradable plastic bags are replacing the plastic ones, reusable bags are promoted, and new opportunities for recycling are advertised.

Some shops provide biodegradable bags for fruit and veggie. What about just placing loose food in our trolleys???

We should always keep in mind that buying plastic free and packaged free is better. Biodegradable products, indeed, are better than plastic ones, but still a lot of energy is used to produce them and some “bio products” are not easy to compost. 

Everyday, I try to remember to bring my bags with me and I left a couple of those in the car and in my handbag, just in case. But sometimes I forget. It is not a drama: I just use the plastic ones available at the shop and then I reuse them many many times, till they are almost destroyed and then I dispose them in a REDCycle bin. REDCycle is a program that promotes the collection of plastic bags and wraps you can’t put in your recycling bin at home and recycles them into outdoor furniture, in cooperation with Australian based manufacturers. 

A REDCycle bin available at many supermarkets

What about you? Are you changing your shopping habits as well?
Useful links:

– Boomerang Bags: a community initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level

– How to recycle plastic bags and wrappers

– Replas recycled plastic products


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