How to compost,  if you don’t have a garden

​I have to admit that I live in an apartment. It is a very special one, on the first and last floor of a small building. It is more like living on the first floor of a house, but it is still an apartment with no garden

No matter how much I love being in contact with nature, my really “black thumb” and my fear for australian wildlife are keeping me away from the ground floor. At least for now!!! 

Nevertheless, I wanted to find my way to help the environment, because food leftovers are a very valuable resource. Indeed, by recycling your food waste, you will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and the consequent greenhouse gas emissions.

My colorful food scraps container


Luckily, there are still ways to turn your food scraps into compost, even if you don’t have a garden or if you simply don’t want to take care of all the process.  

These are the two easy options I am experiencing:

1) I donate my food scrubs to a Community Garden near my house


2) I donate my food scraps to a very good friend who is composting for his garden

All I have to do is collect my food scraps, following some simple rules:

– Collect only fruit and vegetables, so the container doesn’t smell bad, if I delay my drop off

– Strictly NO lemons and fennels, because they are too acid

– Better NO avocados, because they take a long time to compost

For a good espresso, just add water and loose coffee. No capsules and packaging needed 😉

And the good surprise is that some products work like a compost booster:

Coffee grounds…and you can imagine how much coffee grounds I produce everyday with my loved italian moka! 

Tea leaves, but is better to remove them from their bag unless you know it is biodegradable

Kitchen paper, so I feel less guilty for not using cotton napkins at the table!


Our first successful result: hurray!!!

Three months ago, I started collecting my food scraps and it is working very well for me: my general waste bin is much more empty and I feel lighter, together with my carbon footprint 😉 

Maybe you can try as well! 

Contact your community garden or ask a friend. I’m sure they will appreciate your proposal! 

Useful links:

– What is composting? 

– Why compost? 

– No garden? You can still compost


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