My experience as a volunteer for the Switch Your Thinking – Responsible Cafes initiative

I love drinking coffee, especially in front of the ocean, but I like it much more if I have it in a reusable cup instead of a disposable one.

It is easy to understand how I fell in love with Yelo Cafe at Trigg Beach, where I purchased my first KeepCup and I got my coffee for free. Since then, I’m using and reusing my cups everywhere. I even take them on holiday 😉
My KeepCup collection is growing
I was doing my research in regards to recyclable and compostable cups (actually, I’m still working on it) that we can find in some cafes around Perth, while I discovered the Switch Your Thinking initiative, particularly the Responsible Cafes.  The idea is just great: if a client brings his reusable cup to an affiliated Cafe, he gets a little discount while reducing his daily waste production.
On the other hand, the affiliated Cafe will stand out for its commitment to sustainability as its choice will be promoted for free on social media and its name will be included on a national map of participating cafes.
I contacted the Responsible Cafes Team offering my help as a volunteer to promote their initiative within local cafes and I got in contact with Jessie, the local coordinator. We had (obviously ;)) a nice coffee together, lots of chatting in regards to sustainability and then she explained to me how to practically support the Responsible Cafes initiative.
My main task is to use my skills as sustainability communicator to briefly but effectively explain the idea to the cafes and to put them in contact with Jessie. She will give them all the details and provide them with the Responsible Cafes posters to hang on a wall to advertise the initiative and the discount offered.
Responsible Cafes Poster A4
The Responsible Cafes poster for the affiliated cafes
My experience as a volunteer has been very interesting so far. I have started in November 2016 and since then I have spoken to 12 cafes in the city of Perth, Vincent and Cambridge. I would say that everyone well received the initiative and agreed that everyday we use an enormous amount of disposable caps.
Recycling is great, but Reducing the waste production is even better and everyone can help. Bringing with you your reusable cup is something that you will get used to and soon you will enjoy even more your coffee…also because you can get a little discount.
It worth while giving a try 😉

3 thoughts on “My experience as a volunteer for the Switch Your Thinking – Responsible Cafes initiative

  1. You should do a post on corner shops in Perth where you can bring your jars and target zero waste!!! I know the followings:
    The Source, floreat
    angry Almond, rokeby rd Subi
    Another one on William street, Northbridge …


    1. Thanks for your suggestion and welcome to my blog! I also love buying loose food and refilling my bottles with cleaning products. I’m really happy to see those corner shops starting to develop in Perth. I will definitely write about it 😉


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