My journey towards Sustainability

My journey towards Sustainability started many years ago. I would say it started when I was a child, as I really loved being outdoors and taking care of the environment.
Indeed, even if I was born in Milan, which is great for fashion, culture and lifestyle, but nature is not its best asset, thanks to my parents I travelled a lot and I soon realised that living in harmony with nature makes me feel better.
Milan skyline with the Duomo, the Velasca Tower and the Alps in the background
While undertaking my Master’s Degree in Architecture, my interest in Sustainable and Energy Saving Design became very strong and it led me through my first 10 years of career in Europe.
In the meantime, in 2006 I visited Australia with my husband and we fell in love with the beautiful environment and the great opportunities of this country; we were so in love that in 2015 we decided to relocate to Perth permanently, in order to enjoy its lifestyle and the beauty of the powerful Indian Ocean.
Like almost every expat, I had my culture shock especially in regards to sustainability matters, probably because I was dreaming too much about Glenn Murcutt architecture 😉
But the good is that environmental awareness is growing, I’m involved in various interesting initiatives and I’m also meeting professionals who are trying to do things better.
Stay tuned!
Steel Screens sculpture by local artist Anne Neil




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